Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know.


Bookings and cancellations

Can I just drop in or do I have to book?

The spa works on an appointment only basis, please check for last minute availability, signing up to our mailing list will ensure you are the first to know about our special offers, last minute availability.

What do you need to secure my reservation?

We require a valid gift voucher or 50% deposit of the treatment cost to secure the reservation, the balance will then be paid on departure.  Online reservations, the booking fee is paid directly to the service provider, not to the spa.   Due to the demand for our services, treatments are very precious, we do have an extensive waiting list that we recommend utilising.

What do I do if I need to cancel or change my appointment?

If you need to change or cancel an appointment, we ask for 48 hours notice or the full cost of the treatment will be charged. Please note that we will be requesting credit/debit card/gift voucher details to secure your booking.

How long is my gift voucher valid for?

Gift vouchers can be bought in any denomination or for a specific treatment/package. Vouchers bought for Christmas will be post dated for the 24th December regardless of when bought – they are then valid for 12 months. We can happily post the vouchers to you directly or email them.  We will not accept any reservation without the physical voucher.

Do you accept corporate bookings and parties?

The Potting Shed may be booked exclusively for private or corporate events by negotiation.


Common Worries

I really want to experience a full body massage, but worried about my wobbly bits being on show.

Any full body treatments are performed in complete privacy, we only expose the area that we are working on, whilst the rest of the body is covered, these treatments can be tailored to suit you entirely, please communicate any concerns you have with your therapist, you are in very safe hands.

I’ve just had my hair done, is there scope for tailoring my treatment to allow for this?

Due to the nature of the facial and body treatments and the benefits of the essential oils we use, please be aware that transference of oil cannot be avoided to the hair. Avoiding the scalp and head during these treatments will effect the overall result and experience.

Can I bring my friends and family?

We would ask that due to the size of the salons that you don’t bring any friends and family in when you are having your treatments. There are cafés in Redbrick Mill that are ideal places to wait. Please be aware that we have small waiting area & kindly request that you don’t bring anyone in with you unless they are receiving treatments.

Can I bring my children?

We respectfully ask that customers don’t bring children into the spa. Due to the size of the spa we can only accommodate guests who are booked in. This is for your maximum comfort and enjoyment.

I have to be on my phone 24/7, what's your company policy?

We ask that all guests adhere to our strict no mobile phone policy whilst in the spa, we ask that all telephones are stored away safely in bags, we can happily assist with photographing our fabulous work for you to share with your buddies.  We would recommend however having a 'digital detox' whilst in the spa to maximise 'yew thyme'.

Before your treatment

When should I arrive for my appointment?

We ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment – arriving late will cheat you out of precious treatment time.  The parking at the site is free of charge.

What do you need to know from me before my treatment can happen?

You will be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire which is treated with the utmost confidence.  This detail is essential so we can tailor the treatment to your exacting requirements, however communicating this information during your reservation would be welcomed so we can plan your visit accordingly.  You have the option to sign up to our mailing list, this detail will never be shared with a 3rd party.

Why do you keep banging on about patch testing?

We will not perform any appointments for tinting, lash lift, or glue if the client hasn't been patch tested a minimum of 48 hours prior to the appointment.

I've gone to the dark side and had fillers/botox will this affect my treatment with you?

This information is essential as these products (botox/fillers) nominally take 6 weeks to settle, please consider this when booking any facial treatments and brow procedures, this information will be treated confidentially.

I’ve got a fungal infection, can you still treat me?

We advise any guests with fungal infection such as a verrucae or athletes foot not to have pedicure treatments.

What if my therapist is ill?

On the rare occasion an appointment may need to be rescheduled due to staff sickness, we can assure you cancelling your appointment will be the last option, we will endeavour to accommodate you and apologies if we have to cancel you – we can only provide our award winning services with the team of therapists we have available.

What should I wear?

We would politely request that all male guests’ wear underwear for any massage appointments, twigs and berries should be out of view at all times!

I'm coming for essential maintenance of the lady garden area not sure how long my hair should be, if the yeti look is welcomed or I should attempt pruning and clipping prior to my appointment?

We have weapons of mass perfection to ensure you leave perfectly manicured, you know, down there, the hair shouldn't be pre-clipped prior to your appointment - general rule of thumb:-

• Lady garden - 1/4 inch long

• Trunks  1/4 - 1/2 inch long

We recommend waxing appointments every 4-5 week - however everyone is different, speak to your therapist to ensure your appointments and timings are specific to your requirements.


Loyalty and service

I've heard about your loyalty scheme, how can I benefit?

Simply ask for your loyalty card on departure, it can then be used every time you come to the Potting Shed, every treatment equates to points, accumulate enough points to benefit from free treatments on this scheme

How can I join your social media family?

We would love to keep you informed of our news, you can find us on: 

Twitter: @pottingshedspa

Facebook: @ThePottingShedSpa

Instagram: the_potting_shed_spa

I’m not happy with my treatment, can you fix it?

‘If we haven’t quite ‘nailed it!’ – Not happy with the longevity of your polish? or had a minor mis-hap – this can be fixed with our pleasure within a 3 day period of having the application – just contact us directly and it will be sorted by our expert gardeners. Any complaints must be made in writing and emailed directly to the spa